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FAQs 1

Do I need to be home during installation?

No, but we will need a contact phone number in case we run into any unexpected issues.
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At what depth are fence posts set?

Typically a 6′ fence post is set at 24″deep, 7′ fence post is set at 32″ deep and 8′ fence post is set 36″ deep. All posts are set in concrete.
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What is a privacy fence made of?

Cedar is the most popular type of wood used for a privacy residential fence. All framework and posts are made of treated pine. However, other materials such as vinyl may be used.
FAQs 1

Who collects from my neighbors when sharing costs?

We will collect. We like to have separate contracts for each neighbor sharing the fence.
FAQs 1

What kind of warranties do you offer?

We offer a four year workmanship warranty.
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